Friday, July 22, 2011

Operation Slim Down

Now that my darling Cooper is gong to be 5 months, it’s dawned on me that once I cut down on his nursing (by giving him more solids), I won’t be burning as many calories as I am now. Therefore, I need to stop eating like a glutton. Moderation isn't working for me right now. I have been eating whatever I want, whenever I want while nursing. This includes dairy and meat, both of which I was supposed to cut down on a while back. I’ve lost 45 lbs of my baby weight and have 10-15 more lbs to go. I may not be gaining weight, but I’ve stopped losing weight and I will be in trouble once I’m not burning that extra 300 calories per feeding. It doesn’t help that I’ve stopped exercising. I am not able to walk as much as I used to or go to spin class at the moment, as I’m waiting to have surgery on my foot.

It’s ridiculous to be complaining and whining about not losing weight when you eat the way I’ve been eating. Since I’ve been nursing, my body has been craving foods I’ve never cared for in my life. I constantly crave soda and cheese.

My solution? To stop being lazy and take care of myself. Here are a few guidelines I will try to follow starting Monday:

No fried food. That’s simple.
No white flours.I don’t eat much white flour, but even the occasional white flour bread makes me feel bloated. Time to switch back to whole grain and only whole grain.
No processed foods. In other words, if I can’t pronounce it, I’m not eating it.
No soda. My beloved Root Beer will have to wait for birthdays.
No meat. ...With the exception of fish and occasional free range chicken/turkey/pork. Red meat is no bueno and pork, although white meat, contributes to endometrial growth.
No dairy.I was supposed to have cut this out long ago as well. Shame on me for cheating. This means I will have to give up my morning lattes. It will save me some money too. Soy is off limits with endometriosis (it promotes excess estrogen production)

I’m starting to step-up my water intake already. Lots and lots of water. Hopefully this will help my skin out as well.

D-Day is August 1st. Until then, I will slowly be getting used to my new (actually reclaimed) eating habits. It's not a diet, it's just healthier choices. It’s time to take care of business and get healthy. I hope to start swimming next week with Tara, if I can find a bathing suit that fits these disgustingly large boobs that I’ve become stuck with (It’s pretty difficult to find a bathing suit for a G cup when you’re a size 10 in pants).

Wish me luck. I hope to not be posting a blog like this again in 3 months. Let’s hope it sticks.
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