Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I'm starting to get a little more nervous! I've always been a little nervous... but the nervousness is growing! I can't believe Cooper will be here so soon. He has dropped a bit, which from what I've been reading, indicates that he will be here in 2-4 weeks. This will make my early delivery prediction accurate (only a week or two early).

He has barely any room to move around, is it odd that I feel bad for him? Soon enough, he will be here for us all to hold. Although I can't wait to share him with the world, I'm pretty sure I'll be reclusive for the first couple weeks... at least. We're at the point where we see the doctor every two weeks, and after next week we will see her one a week until Coop decides to join us.

It's nice to be on maternity leave, I'm happy I took leave when I did. I feel like this week has brought a whole to intensity to my level of soreness and exhaustion. And yes, I realize I have no idea what true exhaustion is yet (everyone likes to remind me of that, as if I don't know).

Today, Jory and I are celebrating our 3 year anniversary. He surprised me this morning by telling me he'd schedule today as a vacation day and we got to spend the day together. Tonight we are going to one of our favorite restaurants, Bucci's.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

9 Months

And here we are, at 9 months folks. I will be full term in 5 days. FIVE DAYS! I can't believe it. He could, technically, come at any time and I am totally OK with not having to wait another month to meet him. I have all these ideas of what I think he'll look like. And of course, he probably won't look anything like how I imagine.

Big brother Bucko, Cooper and I:

Getting Organized.... Still.

We've been living in our "new" place for close to 5 months, and we JUST unpacked the DVD's. I guess setting up the baby's room and office took priority. I also just realized I hadn't posted any photos of the office on this here blog.

But first... Jory's newest project. This might be the simplest of our projects (OK, it definitely is) but I think it made the room look much better. He stained a piece of pine and mounted it. Easy, right?? We still have my DVD's to find a place for, they will probably go on the side of the TV after Jory creates more shelving.



Behold.... my favorite room of the house, the office:

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Slowly Saying Goodbye...

As I've already mentioned, I'm a little concerned about how we're going to tame my endometriosis after Cooper is born. I'm trying to slowly ease into my old vegan lifestyle by adding as many dairy and meat free snacks and meals to my day as possible. It's the most successful treatment I've found to date. I found this on a website for natural treatments:

"Although earlier studies in women were conflicting, there is increasing evidence that chronic exposure to the environmental chemicals dioxins and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) is associated with an increased prevalence and severity of endometriosis. One way to reduce intake of these chemicals is to cut back on animal fat, especially high-fat dairy, red meat, and fish. Dioxin and PCBs both accumulate in animal fat, and it is our main route of exposure.

Interestingly, studies on diet and endometriosis also support this link. For example, an Italian study examined data from 504 women with endometriosis and found an increased risk with a high intake of red meat and ham. Fresh fruit and vegetables were associated with a reduction in risk."

I had gone into a vegan lifestyle for a few months and seen amazing results, after also including exercise and acupuncture in my treatment. I thought that free-range and organic meats would be OK, having less chemicals and antibiotics than regular meats. Almost immediately after introducing these free range and organic meats, my symptoms returned and two new cysts were found in my abdomen. Unfortunately, it doesn't matter how "pure" the meat or dairy it, it has the same effect on my body. Meat, dairy and eggs, promote the pro-inflammatory prostaglandins.

I am going to continue my research on natural remedies and preventions, hoping to find a few more teas or supplements that will help my body. It seems as if I am more sensitive than most people when it comes to how my body reacts to dairy and meat. As much as it will suck to give up dairy again, I have to remember how many amazing foods I consumed while vegan. My beloved Monday dinner might only consist of potatoes for a while... but it's for the best and will keep me out of the operating room

Monday, January 10, 2011

He Flipped!

After a couple weeks of worrying, the doctor told us today that Cooper has flipped and is in the correct position for delivery, head-down. I had been stressing about this for a couple weeks, not wanting to have to have a cesarian because he was breech. But all of those worries are gone and we continue the waiting game.

His kicks and jabs are getting even more intense and sometimes I wonder if he's not doing damage in there. I involuntarily let out a few shrieks and cuss words after catching an elbow to some sensitive area in my abdomen, possibly an ovary.

I have been having pretty intense contractions the last few days. Hopefully they will stay inconsistent for another couple weeks. I can feel the changes in my body as we get closer and I am really, really excited.

When I look at the picture below it seems surreal. Yeah, I see the bump and wiggles of the belly and yes, I feel him all the time... but I don't think it'll truly hit me until I see him.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I have been reading lots of pregnancy articles online. I have three books that I turn to when I have any questions. Most of the articles and books that focus on what to expect physically also touch upon what a pregnant woman might be feeling emotionally and mentally. Every one lists that being terrified is normal.

I have always wanted to be a mom. Getting pregnant has been a complete blessing and I am so excited to meet my son. Every movement he makes is a miracle. This wonderful feeling and absolutel bliss is apparent around 98% of the time. And that remaining 2%? Terror.

I am so afraid of messing up, it's hard to even write this without betting teary eyed. It's crazy to think of how much I'm going to love this little person, and how much I want to do everything perfect... how they deserve perfection.

After thinking about these feelings for a couple days, I think that being terrified can be a positive thing. Being paranoid about having the car seat set up perfectly and making sure the bottles are BPA free are things that I think every new parent worries about. I think that the more times I double check the seat belt attachment, the more likely it's hooked up correctly.

I also have to accept that not everyone is going to agree with our decisions. That's OK. As my mom always said, there's no parenting manual. I am going to have to trust my instincts.

In less than a month and a half, we will be brand new parents and I can't wait. And although at times it can seem terrifying, it's the best feeling of anticipation I've ever felt in my life.

Preventing Endometriosis

On my previous blog I had a whole section dedicated to my daily struggles with endometriosis and ovarian cysts. I haven't touched upon it much in this blog, but I have suffered from this horribly painful disease for years. The boy and I decided to try to conceive after being told early this year that I was growing cysts again. This time it was more rapidly than ever before and having another surgery could greatly hurt our chances of having kids in the future. It was either time for another surgery, or time to try to get pregnant. We chose to start a family and were fortunate it was even possible.

Fortunately, pregnancy is the one and only thing that has proven to get rid of endometriosis and cysts, although it's a temporary fix and 98% of women have the disease return after birth. I've been talking to my OB/GYN (who also happens to be my surgeon) about what we should do after the baby is born, how we're going to try to fight this disease all over again. So far the plan is to get as close to a vegan diet as possible, acupuncture, and to use an IUD as prevention again.

Here's a entry from the last blog, explaining my history with the disease. Since it was written I've had two surgeries and still had the disease come back.

I'm going to keep updates on this blog about what happens after birth and what I'll be doing to prevent the monster from coming back again.

And you know what you can do? Follow my blog, if you don't already. That would be great :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011


When I woke up this morning, The Boy said "Happy New Years Babe. We get to meet our son this year."

Perfect first words for 2011.

I decided to wear heels last night. Although they were only an inch high, my body aches like it's never ached before. On a happy note, this is my first hangover-free New Years Day in many years, definitely the first as an adult.

This year will be incredible (I got a swift kick to the kidney as I typed that, so Cooper agrees). I hope to find time to start and finish many crafts and recipes, and to share them all with you.