Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Italy.... *sigh*

I am throwing an informal baby bbq for my dear friend Melissa and searching the world wide web for the perfect recipes. I sometimes forget how much amazing food is out there. I forget how amny options I have when it comes to eating good and healthy, yet still being satisfied with deliciousness.

Is that a word? Deliciousness?

When I was in Italy we went to a pizzaria in Verona that knocked my little socks off. Besides having the most amazing pizza in the world, I could write novels about their brushetta. Makes sense, since that's where it came from. So now I'm craving some serious brushetta and wishing I had a decent sized kitchen to cook some in.

And I'm dreaming of Europe and thinking about how very mych I want to take The Boy there. He'd love it and might even want to move, which I would be completely ok with. I don't feel like I was meant to be an American. I think that some paths got crossed when I was given my life.

Venice, Italy

Me - Giardino Guisti - Verona, Italy

Venice, Italy

Me in St. Marc's Square - Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy

The Sister and Me - Malcesine, Italy

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