Thursday, May 20, 2010

Photography Woes.

I had an issue this week where Adobe Lightroom 2 wouldn't upload my RAW images. It has really been bothering me. I spent about $1600 on a new camera body in January when the rainy season started. Now that I have the nice weather, I can't upload and edit my images.

I purchased a card reader that should be here any minute. I'm hoping this resolves my problem and lets me edit my damn photos!.

My goal is to get out and shoot more. Well, that's always my goal but this time it's especially significant because I have a $1600 camera that I'm unfamiliar with. I mean, I can take decent photos on it... but I've yet to take amazing photos on it. I want nothing more than to frame and show my photography. And what I want more than that is to become a concert photographer. It's on the road to happening. I'm just procrastinating. I need to work harder. I know this.

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