Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Dog is a Gangster.

Hello new blog. You excite me. You may be my 27th blog, but I have high hopes you'll be my last.

I am quite excited about this blog, which I fully intend to use for new and intelligent-sounding vocabulary words, praising my dog, eloquently ranting and raving about daily happenings, making fun of the general public, sharing vegan recipes and giving examples of the many things that amuse me.

I left my last blog. It was about my poor health and was quite depressing. The one before that was about my passionate hatred for Phil Collins. Now it's time for me to share things that make me laugh, not make me feel like pulling my hair out.

I never know what to write when I get to an "About Me" section. I consider myself interesting. Others may consider me weird. I believe it's because they live bland lives. If you consider having a wonderful, exciting, colorful, eventful, laughter filled life weird... then you are lacking something seriously important in your life.

I'm going to start my journey by introducing you to my dog. My dog is the shit. I can't explain or properly put into words how incredibly much I love this little guy. He is Bucko. He is a gangster.

I look forward to sharing ridiculous ideas and exciting aspects of my life with you.

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