Saturday, February 27, 2010

Becoming Technologically Stable

I feel like I am constantly needing to upgrade my electronic gadgets! I purchased a brand new iMac at the end of last year and it started seriously slowing down in the month. I ran out to get an external hard drive to back up all of my photography catalogs, as well as my iTunes library filled with thousands and thousands of songs. I hope my computer speeds up, it's really frustrating to have such a powerful machine slow down on me.

Last month my Blackberry decided to stop working properly. I am upgrading to the Android network and leaving Sprint, thank god. Even though I am buying a new phone I feel like I can't win, like the phone will be out dated next month. I didn't have my Blackberry for more than a year and it is already not supporting newer applications and freezing every time I get an email of a message. It's bullshit. All of these technological advancements make our gadgets old within a year.

Next year we'll probably have hands free phones that hover next to our ears. And I'll have to stop using a normal phone because they won't be supported by the networks. And the phone companies will make even more money off us. How obnoxious.

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