Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Much Needed Vacation.

The Boy and I are leaving for Minnesota in two days and I'm stoked. I really haven't even been thinking about my irrational flying phobia since I'm just so happy to get the fuck out of here.

I have never truly needed to get away from my job as much as I do now. Not even my job so much as one particular, horrible, disgusting coworker. It will be nice to have my feet up, in the wilderness of Minnesota, with a nice cold lemonade while not having to worry about if me and my unborn child are going to freeze from her air conditioner. This will also me a nice time for the Boy and I to spend some time together, since life has been so non-stop since we found out we're having a bebe. It is actually our first vacation together in the almost-three-years we've been together.

We will be staying in a resort I've stayed with my family in before. We have a row of cabins for a week, right on a beautiful lake in the Minnesota wilderness. I will be taking many photos!

Sadly, Bucko will not be going with us. He will be staying with his Auntie Tara and Uncle Nino, and also with his Grandparents (the Boy's parent's). He will be so spoiled that he probably won't even notice we're gone. He will turn into a piece of Pupperonni.


  1. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Totally, the Bucko will be spoiled rotten. That is what kids love about staying with other relatives, right?

  2. He's going to pull one of those amazing daag feats where the dog runs miles and miles to find his home. In this case, to find his Grandpa that gives him steak and bacon.