Monday, August 30, 2010

Musik, Muzak, Music

I'm going to see Arcade Fire and Band of Horses in the next month, both at the Greek Theater which is an incredible venue. Two of my favorite bands in two weeks and I am fortunate enough to not be the size of a condo when I see them. PERFECT.

Arcade Fire:

Band of Horses:


I've wanted to be a mommy for as long as I can remember. I am filled with elation and still can't believe it's happening after all the health issues I've had. There's so many emotions and feelings and it's crazy to me how much I already eat, breathe and sleep according to this pregnancy's needs... and he's not even here yet. I feel like I'm past the "is-she-pregnant-or-is-that-a-beer-belly?" phase. My bump is rounder and cuter every day and I have no issues with the weight I've gained (so far at least).

I'm starting to finally feel a little better, now that the first trimester from hell has finally passed. The dizziness, constant fatigue, nausea and horrible anxiety spells are gone, for the most part. I still have random little moments where I feel odd, but usually I feel great.

The baby's name is Cooper Radley Alliger. His nursery is going to be decorated in a spaceship and robot theme. I decided to paint him a picture, which I will be starting this week. I just got the canvass and am pretty stoked. Cooper got his first pair of shoes from his Aunt Tara on Saturday, checkered Vans. They are precious. We are all registered at Target and now just need to move out of our cramped little one bedroom and into a place big enough for our growing family.

I can't wait!

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