Thursday, September 16, 2010


I have been quite positive about my pregnancy but today I'm going to rant a little.

Who ever came up with the idea that the second trimester is a walk in the park was high as fuck and completely delusional. Perhaps it's just me and everyone else in their second trimester is shitting skittles and content with everything... but this is no breeze and I do not appreciate the false hope.

Granted, the first trimester was worse, but where's the energy I was supposed to get back? Why the hell is the nausea still lurking around every corner? Constant back pain? And what the fuck is up with not being able to sleep at ALL? And the agonizing leg cramps that pop up at all hours of the night. I thought this stuff was reserved for the last trimester, when I became a hippo.

And the whole "walk 30 minutes a day" thing? Screw you. If I could walk more than a mile without thinking I was going to collapse, I would.

I'm just about half way through the pregnancy and I know I've had it easier than many women. I get a second wind at about 6:00, but that's only if I am able to rest immediately after work. But the work day is brutal. At lunch I sit on my couch and wonder how the hell I'm going to complete the day. I do it, with a smile, but that doesn't mean it's easy.

That being said, I know that none of it will matter when I see my sweet baby boy. I know that I'd be more than willing to do it all again. But all those pregnancy book writers are full of shit.

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