Monday, October 4, 2010

Such a Handsome Little Guy...

We had our 20-22 week ultrasound today and I am happy to report that Cooper is doing great! I was a little concerned this week after not feeling him for a few days, but he was in there moving like crazy and being as cute as he could be.

All of Cooper's major organs looked great. His heart, brain, kidneys, bladder and spine are all forming perfectly and he was drinking when we first started spying on him. We confirmed that he is indeed a boy (thank goodness). We were able to see his fuzzy hair as well, although he will probably lose most of it after he is born. Cooper has his dad's head and lips. We were able to see much more on the screen that we can in our printed photos.

While in the middle of the ultrasound, I started feeling very hot and eventually a huge wave of dizziness kicked in. Before I knew it, the mirror I was using to look at the monitor was shaking in my hand. I asked the sonographer to please take a break right before I started to gag and saw only black. I thought I was going to faint laying down. This is why they tell you not to lay on your back after 16 weeks. The weight of the baby and uterus rests on major veins that run from you heart to your legs, the aorta and vena cava. I knew it was important to avoid laying on the back, but I didn't realize it would cause such an intense reaction. The sonographer told us why I had lost all my color and had me lay on my left side as she put wet rags on my neck and head. Eventually the feeling that my world was caving in faded and we were able to continue on my side... while I flashed my unmentionables to my mother-in-law. I suppose she will have to get used to it if she will be in the delivery room :)

Here is our incredibly handsome little boy:

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