Saturday, February 5, 2011

Come On Now.

I've been having more and more contractions... getting used to them now unfortunately. I thought I was heading into labor a few times this week, but the contractions have proven to be teasers.

I'm not sure what the deal is with my sleep habits, but it's been impossible for me to sleep at night. Friday I fell asleep at 7:30AM after a night filled with bathroom trips and contractions that almost made me buckle over. Since then they've been inconsistently coming. Hopefully they'll gain some rhythm soon, as I am ready to meet this little man of ours!

Jory has been very patient with me and my cranky moments, which seem to happen more often as time progresses. He is wonderful about making dinner, getting me beverages, helping me out of the bath and any other little request I have.

I have a few little-itty-bitty stretch marks but nothing like I thought I would have. My belly is completely stretch mark free, which I can thank my mother for since they say it's genetic. The other little ones will likely disappear after the baby is born and this weight starts to come off.

My due date is in 10 days and although I think he's going to be early, I really don't care when he comes as long as I can get a full night's sleep beforehand.

We are both getting very excited and can't wait to be parents. The last 9.5 months have been quite an experience for us and has brought us closer than I ever thought it could. Every day I feel thankful for the wonderful man in my life and how lucky we are to have each other. I can't wait to see Jory with his son as I know he is beyond excited and will be an amazing father.

Now... hurry up baby!

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