Monday, January 10, 2011

He Flipped!

After a couple weeks of worrying, the doctor told us today that Cooper has flipped and is in the correct position for delivery, head-down. I had been stressing about this for a couple weeks, not wanting to have to have a cesarian because he was breech. But all of those worries are gone and we continue the waiting game.

His kicks and jabs are getting even more intense and sometimes I wonder if he's not doing damage in there. I involuntarily let out a few shrieks and cuss words after catching an elbow to some sensitive area in my abdomen, possibly an ovary.

I have been having pretty intense contractions the last few days. Hopefully they will stay inconsistent for another couple weeks. I can feel the changes in my body as we get closer and I am really, really excited.

When I look at the picture below it seems surreal. Yeah, I see the bump and wiggles of the belly and yes, I feel him all the time... but I don't think it'll truly hit me until I see him.

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