Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Back to the Drawing Board

Since I've had the baby, it's time to start thinking about preventing any endometriosis from coming back. I met with my doctor yesterday, to have the IUD put back in. This is one of my treatments for endometriosis and it's supposed to help prevent the growth of endometriosis and ovarian cysts. They don't recommend you have one unless you've had a child, which might explain why it was so insanely painful the first time it was put in. I didn't feel a thing this time, even though it had to be done twice (the first one was too low). Along with a meat and dairy-free diet and exercise, this seemed to help the abdominal pain. My doctor suggested I cut the dairy and meat out again, since the most notable results occurred when I picked up a vegan diet. I don't have any symptoms, since it's unlikely the endometriosis would come back while I'm breastfeeding. I'm hoping and praying I'll fall into the small group of women who never have the disease come back after they have children. Now all I have to deal with is the temporary cramping that comes with IUD insertion. It's pretty brutal but I think the worst is over. Now we wait.

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