Monday, May 30, 2011


Breastfeeding has officially become effortless. (*And the crowd cheers*) I now prefer to breastfeed over giving the baby a bottle of breast milk. Much like the baby blues, the scariest part of breastfeeding was not knowing when it would get better.

It seems to be much more common than I thought and I've noticed that many of my large-breasted friends have this problem. I went from a large D to a G overnight. My new gargantuan breasts were cracked and bleeding around the clock, and it felt as if I was carrying around throbbing boulders.

It took me almost 3 months and 5 lactation consultants to get comfortable with breastfeeding. It didn't hurt that long, but that's when I started feeling confident with breastfeeding. I realize now that all I really needed to do was relax. I almost gave up a hundred times. I kept telling myself, "I just have to get to two months". Once I was there, it felt easier so I stuck it out a little longer. Now my goal is to get to 6 months and with the way things are going, we will probably get the once seemingly unobtainable goal of a year.

Now, I nurse Cooper all day and try to only give him a bottle of breast milk if we're out and about, or right before bed (he gets full fast and sleeps through the night). Since I have large breasts, I don't always feel comfortable whipping out a boob when in public, even with the feeding cover I have. It's rather difficult for me to situate and I usually end up flashing someone some titty.

I am so happy I stuck it out. I have so much respect for nursing mothers now. It's easy to feel hopeless when it comes to breastfeeding and there is a saddening sense of guilt associated with not being a master breast feeder; both from inside and from people who don't know what you're going through and are quick to judge.

So, bravo new mommies, bravo.


  1. Yay! You'll have to give me all your tips as a member of the big boobie brigade!

  2. Oh, it's not just big boobies that hurt! You've seen me, I'm not that big, but even I wasn't able to fit comfortably into a G nursing tank for a long time. So happy you stuck it out! I know, I talked to all my mommy friends at the time, consulted tons and tons of breastfeeding forums. All I wanted to know was on average HOW LONG would it hurt this effing bad??? I used a nipple shield sometimes, but never did the bottles. (R will not take a bottle now, so I kinda wish I would have tried bottles ages ago... but there was SO much other stuff going on.) Even talking to my bfeeding friends (who did it a while ago) wasn't helpful... except one person who finally said how bloody her nipples were and that it took months for it to not hurt and even longer than that till she was able to b-feed lying down. Anyway, all this to say I feel you! And so happy both of us were able stick with it!

    OK. Longest comment ever. O&O.