Saturday, March 13, 2010

Just Say No to Mom Jeans

I am becoming one of those people I have always despised; the type of person to wear their exercise clothes around casually in public, even when they're not going to be working out. It always bugged me. I don't wear jeans to the gym and I don't wear exercise clothes to go grocery shopping.

Well, I didn't 'til about a week ago.

Now I prefer to be in my super tight Lululemon yoga pants. They make me feel good and they're oh so comfy.

If this were the fashionable work out gear, then we'd have an issue. But it's not, thankfully. I might stop going to the gym all together if this style comes back:

I'd say that we as humans were smart enough to prevent that from happening, but we're not. I thought there were some fashions that would never come back, but I was wrong. Mom jeans are in every single store and it makes me want to vomit:

I posted a photo on Facbook of Tara with some mom jeans at Macy's and one of my Facebook friends got offended. I never said that all moms wear them.

And clearly, she didn't see the SNL skit that I'm referring to. Here it is, enjoy:

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  1. This video gets more funny with every viewing! Love the new blog--tid bits of hilarity.