Sunday, March 28, 2010

A New Collection

I have a few random collections, my favorite being old and lost dog tags. Not like the kind you get in the military, but actual dog collar tags. I love finding them and I seem to find most of them at the Albany Bulb, which is like dog-heaven on earth. Below is one I found last year, it belonged to Finnegan. I wonder what kind of dog he was, where he lived, what his owners were like... I have a few of these tags and I hope to find more. They're hard to come by though and it's really due to chance.

But that brings me to my new collection.

Japanese erasers.

There are like... a fucking billion types and styles of Japanese erasers and I am obsessed with them. Maybe it's because they fall into the "Random Ass Shit" category. They're small, they don't cost much and they're hilarious. I especially like the ones shaped like food.

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