Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Caffeine

I came to a realization today at lunch. I was driving back to work and realized that my utter exhaustion seemed not-so-bad as soon as I turned the music on my radio. It was like a jolt of energy had hit my body, like the music was my caffeine. Then I really started thinking about it some more.

The one thing that ever got me motivated to exercise is music. When I start my car and head to work the first thing I do to warm up is put on KISS FM and dance in my car to Double Dutch Bus to get my day going. When I'm too exhausted to edit photos, I turn on the iTunes and jump to it. I like absolutely every genre. Every single one (although there are certain examples of each I could do without).

I was passed down the love-for-music gene from my father. I've never met anyone with more of a vast memory, knowledge and diversity of musical interests than him. Every person in my family is a musician, we all play instruments and are vocally gifted (them more than I).

It is my wish that my son have the same love and passion for music as I do. I hope it gets him moving and motivates him the same way it does his family. I don't care if he is a musician so much that I hope he appreciates the music that surrounds him. I hope it has the power to change his moods like it does for me. I will start playing music for him soon after he's born and can't wait to share music with this little guy.

As someone onece said, "a world without music would be a mistake." And it's so true.

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