Monday, November 1, 2010

The Fury of a Thousand Ninjas

I'm quite disappointed in myself. These Converse All Star BOOTS have existed without me knowing it for a while now. I'm not sure how long they've been around, but I caught my first glimpse of them yesterday at Doumit on Park Street. I have to say, it was a jaw dropping experience. I couldn't believe how amazing they were and would have purchased them if all my money wasn't being hoarded away for my maternity leave. I have been wanting a pair of wrestling boots, but this far surpasses the amount of "Fucking-Awesome" that wrestling boots possess. AND they zip up the back. Gimme.

That is what has been on my fuzzy mind all morning and my mind has been beyond fuzzy today. We had a new experience last night. Usually I fall asleep with no issues but then end up waking multiple times in the night. Last night however, I was not able to fall asleep until about 1:30 AM.

Cooper was kicking with the fury of a thousand ninjas. I have never felt him as active as he was last night. It was non-stop, for hours on end. When I woke up to pee, I'd get an intense reminder that he was still there and not going anywhere fast. It was entertaining at first but then it just didn't stop. I'm quite happy to know that he is in there, having a good time, albeit his mother's comfort and sleep patterns are severely compromised. Today while at work there's been a pretty busy day in the uterus as well. It almost seems as if the little guy doesn't sleep. It used to be that I could only feel him while sitting at my desk or laying down. Now I can feel him while I'm standing. This kid is going to be a moose.

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