Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Let's keep it real here. It's not easy to eat your healthiest while you're pregnant. I will see something I know I shouldn't eat, but end up "needing" it. Like the Skittles I had at around 10:00AM (I must add, they were only a small Halloween fun size). I had barely any issues keeping my food decisions controlled before baby and hope that gift returns after Cooper is born.

One awesome thing about having a sister-in-law with a degree in dietetics, is that there's no shortage of influence when it comes to making amazing, healthy dishes. Even more awesome? Is having her live next door. Tara is one of the best cooks I know and I'm not just saying that because she's family. She constantly keeps me intrigued with food and helps give me new ideas when healthy just sounds... blah. I'm waiting for her to start a food blog. (Do it Tara. Do it.)

After one of our weekly work out groups about 6 months ago (I attended these regularly before becoming impregnated), Tara oh-so-effortlessly threw together a salad that I will never forget. I tried to mimic the salad tonight and although it wasn't as incredible as the original, it was pretty damn delicious. I changed it up a little, as there were a few ingredients I didn't have.

I made a pot of quinoa with fresh zucchini, diced shallots, garlic and onions. After the quinoa was done cooking, I threw in a can of black beans and some sea salt. Quinoa is one of my favorite foods and I can thank my dear friend Elayne for introducing me to it.

Then in a separate bowl I tossed a handful of baby spinach with a very small amount of the best salad dressing EVAR (Newman's Own Light Sun Dried Tomato Dressing). I added a large scoop of the quinoa and topped the heavenly concoction with some unsalted sliced almonds.

Even after 6.5 months, I'm still learning how to fulfill my pregnancy cravings for amazing food while keeping it healthy, so my baby gets as much nutrients as possible. More to come.


  1. You are precious. Funny thing is I actually made BLT's tonight in case you could not smell the bacon. Not so healthy but SO yummy. I haven't been able to get them out of my head since dad mentioned them at the last dinner.
    I also wish I could tell you the recipe to that salad but I don't know which variety of the salad I made. Yours sounds pretty damn delicious though!

  2. Yours had a soft cheese in it as well. So damn good. I love the almond slices, they are awesome in any salad.

  3. OMG!!!! This post totally hits home for me!!! I must be honest I am really not much of a cook, in fact let me be completely honest... I never turned the gas on in my current apartment, but have gotten so sick of it recently I took a cooking class just this past Monday!!!! And we cooked Quinoa! We had a total Trader Joes shopping list and I learned to cook about 10 different things! I luv Trader Joes, luv Quinoa, and luv 21 seasoning salute! Oh ya and luv your post! Xx