Friday, November 12, 2010

Oh, Bucko.

Bucko never ceases to amaze us with is funny little ways and it is never a dull moment in our household as long as Bucko is around. For those who haven't met this spastic little guy, he is a lover and probably the cutest little dog you'll ever meet. I'm not just saying this because he's my dog. He truly is one of a kind. I can't imagine our life without this little friend of ours. This dog has more personality than most humans I know.

When The Boy and I first started dating, he hated dogs. I mean... he didn't just dislike them a little, he seriously hated them. He would make comments about dogs when he saw dogs on walks and wouldn't allow his friends to bring their dogs in his house. He made his opinion about dogs very clear when I told him I had a dog and then assured me that no dog would ever win his heart.

Enter Bucko.

The Boy fell head over heels for Bucko almost immediately. On Bucko's first visit to the Boy's house (before I moved in) I was beyond nervous. I kept him on my lap all the time and made him sleep in his kennel the first night. The next day The Boy made Bucko a bed to lay on in the living room. He even told me to let him run around a little. After picking my jaw up off the floor, I took him him off the leash and we all sat around and watched a movie.

The following weekend was our first trip to the Albany Bulb, where The Boy insisted on walking Bucko. "I got it", he'd say. This is where I witnessed The Boy pick up dog shit for the first time; yet another jaw dropping experience. Soon thereafter, their love became a bond and they were inseparable. They would snuggle together and eventually ended up spooning every night, which continues to this day. When I have protested Bucko sleeping in our bed with us I was firmly shot down, for Bucko would be staying right next to his Dad. I started to develop a little resentment towards this relationship between the Boy and the Dog, as I was not included in this special love and after all, it was my friggin' dog. Bucko had clearly decided who his favorite human was and it was no longer me.

After Bucko met the rest of the Alligers, he fell in love with them too and they fell in love with him right back. One mention of the word "Grandma" and Bucko goes into a spinning, barking frenzy. He loves our Monday dinners and I swear he knows when it's Monday; when we get home from work he has an inquisitive look on his face and cant sit still as if he's anticipating something glorious.

Recently we moved back to the street the Boy grew up on and are sharing an adorable little duplex with the Boy's sister Tara and her husband Nino (Hi Tara!). Bucko loves this more than bacon. We share a front porch with two doors, one to each of our units. The only person that can step on this porch without him barking is his Auntie Tara. He actually begins to cry, as if he can't live without her and wants nothing more than to go over to her side and make himself at home. Quite often we will leave the gate that joins our back yards open, so Bucko can roam back and forth as he pleases. After we've retired for the night we have left the gate open once or twice. I have found Bucko on the back porch next door, in the dark, just hoping and praying they will open the door and let him in. It's quite amusing.

Since the Boy and I work together and live about two miles from work, we go home at lunch every day. We let Bucko out in the back yard to run around and get some fresh air. The other day I walked outside mid-lunch and expected to find Bucko eating grass or laying on the lounge chair he loves. He wasn't there. I assumed he was in the house laying around and started to head back inside. When Jory suddenly started laughing and Bucko appeared out of nowhere next to the fence, I realized he had been sneaking into his Auntie Tara's back yard. Probably to lay on her beautiful grass or sit and wait patiently on her back porch. It was so funny I couldn't be angry at him.

Below is Bucko's entrance into the secret garden, Auntie Tara's back yard. Notice that there's only about 3 inches of space. He managed to squeeze his little body through, in the name of love. The Boy has since put a board up so that Bucko does not escape next door and will therefore be forced once again to hang out with the mother he has written off, me.

This photo is of Bucko and Me, before he stopped loving me:

And this one I just threw in because he's effing adorable:

I look forward to sharing more of Bucko's experiences and funny little ways with you.


  1. Yes, that Bucko certainly has a way of burrowing himself into everyone's heart he meets even the toughest dog critics(my bro=numero uno). That little dog brings joy to everyone he meets. I'm glad he loves me as much as I love him. My first nephew. :)

  2. Can I edit that because I said the same thing twice? get the point.